Our classes aim to introduce your child to the foundations of Parkour/Freerunning. We encourage play in order to improve coordination, encompassing  the idea of natural movement. At the academy we believe activity is vitality and it is essential for the physical and mental development of all children.


Play is the key to what we do.  Often underestimated, play is a natural part of a child’s development; young animals prepare for the challenges of adult life through play. Play gives us the space and freedom to imbibe skills without excessive thinking, which often holds us back. Given the opportunity, adults love to learn through play, too.  



Activity is vitality. Less and less time is allocated for physical activity in schools, and we know it is vital for health both physical and mental, so children are in desperate need of an outlet for their natural energy. They love to move, jump and run.  Our classes give them the space, opportunity, and direction to fulfil this inclination safely. Sebastien’s method uses the whole body and teaches functional movement skills.    


Developing a strong mental foundation is key for us. The children in our academy develop the mindset to overcome obstacles, face risks, to stand up after falling. We help your children to face challenges.