Sebastien Foucan was among the pioneers of parkour in Paris in the 1980s. He was an introverted and unconfident child but liked to go out and explore the environment close to where he lived. 

As a teenager who struggled at school and had difficulties at home, climbing, jumping, running, playing and interacting with the landscape became an escape for him.  He then developed a love for natural movement which led him to be invited to participate in several high profile performance roles with James Bond in Casino Royale, Madonna, Nike and K-swiss amongst others.    

The movement he practiced gave him the confidence to challenge himself and face his fears of inadequacy and stagnation. Surprisingly, he has a fear of heights so had to do a lot of mental preparation for the work he performed for the opening scene of Casino Royale.   

Sebastien always put all his energy into his passion, which led him to achieve things he never expected. Through these opportunities came belief in himself and the inner potential that lies in all of us.

It always has been is desire to be able to share what he has learned over the years with the children, to see them flourish via his academy.