May 2013


Those are my core values.  


Here is some questions you have to meditate on:

What is it being healthy?  How much practice do you have to do to feel good? How far do you want to go and push?

Personally i respect my body which i call “the horse” as i believe, me , my mind is “the Cavalier”.

Always think of well-being in your way of living! 

Do you remember when you were kids and use to play with absolute freedom? Are you still laughing when you practice?

My goal is to truly enjoy everything i do especially in term of expression, exactly like when i was a child

Playful is your key word!

What do you want? what is your goal, your purpose?  Are your efforts really dedicated to achieve your dream?

If you want to develop yourself,  

to evolve, you have to take some risks and get out of your comfort zone but don’t take risks blindly!

The risks you are taking are really linked with your goals!

Once you’ve got your goal, prepare yourself properly!

Self-development is our quest!

I believe taking risks in life should come with a good reason, a goal!  Then comes the preparation!

That is why we must find our way!


Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning