June 2013


I’m questioning myself what is it i’m doing? what is my practice?

I’m the founder of Freerunning but don’t recognize myself in it as it change from the original idea

also known as one of the founder of Parkour still don’t recognize myself in it too!

the only thing i’ve created is my own path which is still on going!

This doesn’t mean i don’t like Parkour, Freerunning or Art du deplacement, I love it!

I’m proud to be part of this history but don’t want to be stuck with it,

i’m always in motion in my experimentation and that is one of my core principles.

Along the way i’ve noticed sometimes when you love an activity, you think about it and nothing else and

it’s becomes “The thing”.

This can be a problem when we talk about exploring and discovery!

As an individual you shouldn’t have boundaries in your process to grow as far as it respect other people’s freedom and private spaces.

So I like to jump from discipline to discipline, and learn the core essence of it.

Actually i practice: Freerunning,Parkour,Yoga,Climbing, Ice skating, Football, Calisthenics

and will do Dance, Breakdance, Capoeira, Gymnastics and Tag rugby  soon!

Trying to take the most out of it!

So wait a minute…

Was it the idea behind Jeet kune do and Bruce Lee’s process in Martial art?

Bruce lee 5

Yes! I think i follow the footstep of my mentor! 

I’m mixing activities for my own benefit and follow what is right for me.

Trying to “simply simplify!” (Bruce lee)

This is MMA (My Mixed Activities) 😉 

I encourage you to Mixed Activities for the purpose of learning and finding what is right for you, your own expression!


Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning