May 2013



The need for training after more than 20 years starting to disappear! Does it mean i am giving up or is that an evolution? strangely i found boring to do exercises and reps just for the pleasure of doing it! Some peoples said sport is like a drug! Well it takes me a long time to meditate on it and find my new way (personal evolution).  I had to do a kind of detox of exercises and reshape my activity! To me training is a preparation for an event or a performance to be done and as i don’t have any events and nothing to truly perform about, i stopped!  Doing nothing is impossible for me as i love to move, Yes i love activities! Like you do i’m sure! Following my intuition i decided to do only what i love, Practicing! I encourage you to practice all activities not only one. For me practicing is different than training! Practicing is for fun and just for fun! (Childrens practices!) and Training is for a purpose and it’s very demanding (Don’t train for nothing!).

So if an opportunity comes i’ll train but while nothing is planned i practice! 🙂 this is my way!






Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning