Sebastien Foucan: Actor. Speaker. Entrepreneur.

Sebastien Foucan is the founder and pioneer of Freerunning. Sebastien has a deep belief in the philosophies of freerunning and its connection with natural environment  and seasons of the year. Well known for being part of the iconic opening scene on top of a crane in James Bond’s Casino Royale, Sebastien is also an accomplished inspirational speaker. He is a global ambassador for the Freerunning discipline  and has established his own Foucan Freerunning Academy to pass on his ethos and skills. 


Latest News

January 2016

Foucan Academy at Oxygen Freejumping Southampton

Oxygen Freejumping and Sebastien Foucan have officially launched Southampton’s very first indoor Freerunning facility on Wednesday 27th January

the Foucan Freerunning academy team will deliver formal classes, whilst the facility will also be open for freedom sessions where people can practice their skills.

January 2016

Foucan Academy & Oxygen Freejumping’s expansion

The Foucan Freerunning Academy is excited to be part of Oxygen Freejumping’s expansion plans! We will be opening Academies in Manchester, Derby, Wigan, Blackburn and North Shields very soon. We are creating spaces where people of all ages and abilities can practice Parkour and Freerunning with the freedom to move and most importantly play.


November 2015

Week of Greatness

“Greatness is Inspiration!”    

says Sebastien Foucan with FootLocker

he jumps into the history books with the Nike “Nemesis” Pack  

for the WeekOfGreatness with FootLockerEurope  

Foucan Freerunning AcademyFOUCAN


Latest News
Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning Sébastien Foucan - Freerunning